Bio kote

        Like a fish in water, . . 

  Do you also want to give your product a natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable

look? Then our moisture-resistant cardboard or paper is the solution!

It’s moisture-resistant, retains it’s shape and firmness and is therefore ideally suited for

pot covers, cultivation boxes,trays, hanging labes, etc. It has excellent properties and can

be used for all kinds of POS material.


The cardboard and paper have similar properties to the plastic products that you currently

use but of course with a much friendlier solution for the environment.


Full color printing, eye-catching with a natural, sustainable look and competitively priced!


Are you interested in this innovative product?

We are happy to present the cardboard or paper to you, . . in water!


Environmentally friendly, moisture-resistant

  • A friendlier solution for the environment than plastic.

  • Suitable for pot covers, trays, cultivation boxes and hanging labels.

  • Eye-catching with a natural, sustainable look and competitively priced!

  • Moisture-resistant and therefore retains its shape and sturdiness.

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