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Flora MGB, . . emotion and amazement!

‘Green’ is the common thread running through our company and this is reflected in striking and distinctive products. You understand that in addition to all the beautifully  cultivated products, the good design of packaging or a label is very important. This, in combination with the right material and a beautiful finish, ultimately makes the difference!


Everything we produce is custom-made.
This way you are assured that you have something really unique in your hands. Whether it concerns a single layout

or a line of several types, we are always looking for personalized solutions. All this aims at contributing

to your commercial success.

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our story

Flora MGB, . . innovative solutions!

Flora MGB is very interested to be of service to you in offering innovative solutions for the production of, for example, your plant labels, pot covers, tray belts and POS material. Flora MGB guarantees high-quality printing solutions, fully arranged according to your wishes and produced in the Netherlands.


The perfect solution is at your fingertips to convey your message in a very convincing and professional manner.
Based on years of experience, Flora MGB advises and combines your ideas and thoughts in a targeted manner with all available options.

New, creative and innovative graphic products, not just labels, carrying handles, trays, tray belts and pot covers.

We are very broadly oriented and can in fact provide you with any graphic product.


Are you looking for something special or unique?

Please contact us regarding your specific question or wish. We like to think along with you as your graphic partner.


We strive for the highest possible quality, timely delivery and a competitive price.


For all your questions regarding our printing activities, please contact us so that we can realize your idea and / or dream together with you.

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