Flora MGB has developed a new, innovative label solution and would like to introduce the "Chimpy".

The perfect label that can be attached to the plant without elastic, without plastic stick and without clip!


The label is clamped around the trunk or stick by means of 2 fasteners on the top and bottom.

This ensures that it always stays nicely stable and clearly visible on the plant in both wind and weather.


We have a 35x100mm label that is ideally suited to stick with Phalaenopsis.


In addition, we have a standard label that can be used for many plants with a size of 65x110mm.

As long as there is a trunk, branch or stick suitable for attaching the label.


For the tree growers we have made a special version of 80x150mm.

This has a larger hole (20 mm) and is therefore suitable for various larger plants on stem.


It is of course possible to produce versions and formats according to your wishes.

This can, for example, be done with pp or (moisture-resistant) bio-cardboard, but just what you prefer.







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