Flora MGB, . . always strikingly different!

Are you looking for creative and innovative

graphic products to present your plants in an attractive and appealing way?

Flora MGB is the right partner for a beautiful presentation and appearance of your plants to your customers.


On an elastic, on a stick

or on a clip.

A seal label or click label, . . 


In any desired size and shape  with a tailor-made closure die that doesn't come loose, . .


For every pot, big or small,

high or low, the possibilities

are unprecedented, . .


Made of cardboard or plastic,  custom made to measure and 

perfect for the trays you use, . .

Tree labels  | slot labels

adhesive labels | stick labels | hang labels

click labels | stick labels on roll

carrying brackets | traybands | tray wraps | pot covers

hanging basket labels | hanging potcovers

gift packaging | promo packaging

moisture-proof packaging | food-proof packaging

designs to your liking.

Can't find what you are looking for, . .

call us, we are happy to help!


Flora MGB consists of a small, close and flexible team and knows what is happening in the floriculture sector. 

Because of the short lines and flexible company structure, we are at your service in a fast and efficient way.

Flora MGB - part of Mouthaan Graphic Company - has been active for many years selling graphic products for the national and international floricultural sector. We have a great deal of experience in the printing of plastics such as PP (polypropylene), 

PS (polystyrene) and PET but also in the printing of cardboard (such as tray tapes and packaging) and of course the printing of paper.


Creative and innovative graphic products, but of course not just labels, carrying handles, traybands and pot covers. 

We are very broadly oriented and can in fact provide you with any graphic product.

Are you looking for something special or unique?  Please contact us regarding your specific question or wish. 

We like to think along with you as your graphic partner.

We strive for the highest quality, a correct delivery and a competitive price.


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